The intent of this project is to implement tacacs+ protocol into separate library, which has client/server functions, and provide support for implement tacacs+ to third-party software and helps with creation of own tacacs+ servers. Also this library can be very useful for tacacs+ servers and clients testing.

This project was initially developed by Roman Volkov, but currently it has code from many contributors.

Currently this library used for testing other project of Roman Volkov - tacacs+ server named as tacppd - Tacppd home site. Also it was used for create patches to several third-party software - sendmail, qpopper and so on. The intent was use tacacs+ server as centralized store of user authentication data. One project from this list now continue developing as separate project - Apache tacacs+ authentication module - mod_auth_tacacs mod_auth_tacacs home

Please, use SourceForge tools from libtacplus sourceforge home page for send emails to me and also for discuss.

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Libtacplus daily CVS snapshot
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You can use libtacplus and libtacplus code in any applications, without any restrictions, in commercial or uncommercial software, also you can use this code under any license of your code. Remember only that this software has md5 code, so you should read carefully license information in files md5.h/md5.c in libtacplus distribution. If you will have done something really useful from this code, please, write me several words - i will create "success story of this project" page.

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